Photo Book Inspiration: Liz Tamanaha's Oahu Moleskine Photo Notebook

We’re all guilty of it.

Going on holiday, taking photos that we just LOVE and, 6 months later, finding that these once cherished snaps remain neglected in the purgatory that is our digital camera.

I personally have been struggling to print photos from my trip to Vietnam for about 3 years now (again, we are all guilty!).

Because of this, we’ve invited our friend Liz at paislee press to show her latest travel photo book and give us (me) that kick of inspiration needed to finally pull out that memory card and get going!

Liz is a prolific photo book creator and designer who creates beautiful templates for photo books. If you’re in need of a bit more help in the design department, you can check out her gorgeous templates here.

So without further ado, here’s Liz.

We went to Oahu in May of 2014. It was our first “big” family vacation and I felt this milestone was one that needed to be documented in photobook format.

I decided to go with the Moleskine Photo Notebook for several reasons.

First, Moleskine’s photo notebook option has a set number of pages – 96 to be exact. That seemed to be just the right amount of space to document a week’s worth of adventures. Second, there are limited layout options in Moleskine’s book making software, which in this case I felt would help speed up the completion process. Having less design options to choose from can be a good thing.

Lastly, and probably the most important deciding factor for me (along with price point), is Moleskine’s open-flat binding feature. I wanted to be able to build large format photo spreads that spanned across two pages without losing any details in the gutter.

Overall, I am beyond thrilled with the way it turned out.

You have the ability to include blank, lined or grid dotted journal pages. I plan on hand writing in the journaling in these spots.

The quality of the cardstock is top notch. It’s a nice sturdy weight and has an incredible finish – a soft velvety-matte sheen that you have to see (and feel) in person to truly appreciate.

A few more details I love…

The inside cover includes the same “please return to” message that you would find in the classic Moleskine notebook. The back includes their signature expandable pocket folder, perfect for storing memorabilia. For more details on the Moleskine Photo Books click here. 

Photo credit: Liz Tamanaha