What we're reading Stop Here, This is the Place

One photo. One story. Every week for a year.

When New York based photographer Winky Lewis moved to Maine to 2001 to raise a family, she couldn’t have imagined the book that would come out of her new family life.

In what began as an experiment with her neighbour, novelist Susan Conley would go on for a year.

At the beginning of each week, Winky would send a photo to Susan, who would then respond with a few lines of prose.

Week after week, their ritual endured and became a little reprieve between school drop-offs, workdays, play-dates, and emergency cups of coffees. Soon a story began to take shape amidst the chaos of family life, as the women explored the beauty in these daily moments captured in image and text.

A year later, they had a book: 'Stop Here, This is the Place', a beautiful collection of images and words that give voice to both the tender, bittersweet experiences of motherhood.

"Stop Here, This is the Place' is both a beautiful collection of memories as well mother’s attempt to slow the passing of childhood – to live in and learn from the beautiful little moments between mother and child. Often, as children, we look towards the future, and it appears infinite. As parents, we are given the opportunity to re-experience childhood through the lives of our kids, but now we are equipped with the knowledge that this time will pass all too quickly.

Lewis and Conley’s work reminds us to stop for a moment, to take a breath, and to appreciate life as it is. It’s a moving reminder that sometimes we are exactly where we need to be.

You can read more Stop Here, This is the Place and get your own copy at www.stopherethisistheplace.com .