Four Ideas for Your Next Photo Book

If you grew up in the 80's, your mother like most mothers at that time, probably chronicled your childhood religiously. By the time we were in our teens, they must have had at least two bookshelves full of peel and stick photo albums.

While the days of the peel and stick albums may be behind us, the tradition of family photo keeping is something that we still love. But it’s not just for holidays or vacations anymore, creative moms all over the world are coming up with beautiful and unique ways to document their family’s lives. With so many creative ideas for family photo keeping, we are so excited to bring you four of our favorites today: here are four creative ways for you to capture your best family memories in a photo book.

Photo-A-Day Photo Books : The Family Photo Book to Celebrate the Little Things

The Photo-A-Day Challenge Photo Book is the perfect way to capture a snapshot of your family’s life: from bedtime rituals to breakfast chaos, creating a Photo-A-Day Photo Book is the best way to capture the moments that may not seem particularly important at the time, but are the moments that end up defining our lives.

How to start: aim to take one photo every day for a month or, if you’re feeling ambitious, every day for one year. The photo can be of anything – the mundane, the chaos, the traffic, anything, and jot down your notes on the day. These notes can be a description of the moment, quotes of a funny thing that your kids said/did, or how that moment made you feel.

The truly special thing about capturing these moments is that it celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary. Often, we only remember to take photos of the traditionally “big” moments in our kid’s lives: first day of school, birthdays, or Christmas, but sometimes, it’s the day-to-day moments that hold so much more meaning than we might have thought.

Yearly Interview Photo Book : The Family Photo Book to Celebrate Growing Up

Not only are your little ones sprouting like beanstalks, but their personalities are changing at the same time. It’s incredible to see the difference that a year makes in the life of your child.

The concept of the Yearly Interview Book is simple but long-term: it starts with setting a yearly date to interview your kids (and maybe even your partner and yourself). A friend of ours takes a photo and interviews her son on the day after his birthday, every single year. The interview always has the same ten questions: from what he wants to be when he grows up to his favorite color.

We’ve seen a few of these amazing books come across our printer in the last couple of years. The concept is simple and is an amazing way to chart how your family has grown over the years and how your little one’s personalities (and opinions) develop.

You can write their answers down and re-type them or handwrite them in your book.

Creative tip: If you’re feeling particularly tech-savvy, you can record your kids using your phone and convert the recording into a QR code (you know, those barcodes that you see on advertisements sometimes).

Start by recording your interview, then upload the recording to the internet (use a private YouTube channel), then create your QR Code on a website like From here, you can upload the image of the scannable QR code (and the recording), into your book.

Ten years from now, you can flip back and listen to your adorable 3-year old’s voice.

The “Ten Favorite Family Holidays Moments” for Photo Book: The Family Photo Book for the Busy Mom

Ah yes, the family holiday. A time to relax, restore and enjoy yourself. Right?

Not likely: if you are a parent with children on a vacation then you’ve probably got your hands full. Whether it’s making sure that everyone is covered head to toe in sunscreen (or at the bare minimum still surviving), the idea of recording every single moment of your vacation can feel like a huge task. And who really wants to spend their holiday behind the lens of a camera taking a thousand pictures rather than actually experiencing anything?

This is why we love “Ten Favorite Things Photo Books” — the ultimate “short but so sweet” family holiday photo book that requires only ten photographs from your family’s best holiday moments. Add in quotes and memories from your family members and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday keepsake — all without having to sacrifice your sanity.

The Family Selfie Book : The Family Photo Book that You Are Actually a Part Of

The last favorite photo book isn’t actually all that creative, in fact, it feels a bit obvious.

It came to mind when a friend of ours said that all of the photos of her family vacations appeared as if only her son and husband were on them, despite her being on every single vacation. In being the thoughtful mother, intent on capturing her family’s special moments, she accidentally left herself out entirely.

How, you may ask, did she finally feature in a family photo? Que the family selfie: yes, that’s right, a “felfie”. Welcome to a world where mom actually appears in family photos rather than just taking them. Yes, we know, the selfie may seem cringe-worthy at first, but it is so important that you are a part of your family’s moments because, at the end of the day, you’re their mom and, years from now, they will thank you for capturing the moments that you had together.

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