3 Questions You Should Answer Before Creating a Wedding Album

Finally! It's been weeks (maybe even months) since your wedding and the day has finally come for your photographer to hand over your much fantasized about wedding photos. And, what's not to be excited about? The dress, the day, not to mention how beautiful you look — one flip through those photos and you’ll be busting to get started on your wedding album.

And, while we know it's tempting to jump right in and get going — we have one piece of advice: make a plan first. We've seen so many brides' initial overexcitement quickly transform into being overwhelmed when faced with the reality of thousands of photos, book formats, cover materials and paper stocks.

We sat down with one of our favorite photographers, Kieran Darcy, to give us the step by step guide how she approaches wedding album design: here are the three questions to ask yourself before designing your wedding album (a hint: it’s all about telling your story).

Question one: What is the story that you want to tell?

“What are the moments you most want to remember from the day? What moments make you laugh? What moments make you cry? Flipping through the pages of your album should feel like you’re reliving the day. Don’t just choose the perfect and posed shots. The more candid shots the better. Don’t ignore the moments that didn’t go exactly as planned. They happened, and you’ll want to remember them despite their imperfection.”

 Question two: How do you want to tell that story?

“Another element to consider is text. Do you want to include captions and tell the story with both words and images or let the images speak for themselves? While I’ve never used text myself, I think it could be really nice to include your vows somewhere in the book (especially if you wrote your own). Maybe you could incorporate one line on every page, or have a couple designated text pages. Now that I’m thinking about this, it could even be nice to include messages from family and friends that you received.”

Question three: How does it start?

“Finally, which photo is going to be your cover photo? While it's not absolutely necessary that you chose before starting, I think it's helpful. Otherwise, you could end up deciding on something that is already placed within the book and you may have to do some rejigging. This will also help set the tone and force you to evaluate what your favorite shots are. I like to choose cover photos that capture the vibe, without showing people's faces. The cover should tease you and make you want to turn the page. Not that you need an excuse to constantly flip through your album!

Visit Kieran's Instagram: @kierandarcyphoto and website: http://kierandarcy.com/

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