Turning Images from Your Phone into Beautiful Photo Books Which Will Stand the Test of Time

Today, it seems as if people are moving faster than ever before. Children grow up before we can even blink, or so it seems. Everything is changing faster than it ever has before, leaving us feeling as if we are on an amusement park ride that is spinning out of control. However, photos can make it better.

Photos are like little windows to the past. They can show us times that we forgot, memories of our family and friends frozen in time like an insect in amber just waiting for us to look back and remember.

Today, it seems like everyone has a cell phone. They’re necessary devices for keeping up with our clients, families, and friends, as well as making sure we get to where we are going on time, as well as providing us places to write notes to ourselves, and a million other things to make our lives easier. Most cell phones also come with something very important, a camera, and most of us have taken tons of pictures on our phone, silly things, serious things, and even pictures of what you had for lunch today. Sometimes, a cell phone is the only way to capture a moment that really matters, but what are we to do with those photos then? Most of us just leave the pictures hanging around in our phone. If we do put them somewhere, it tends to be the Cloud or another service that allows photo uploads such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Most phones even encourage this type of sharing.

But what can you do if you want to make something more amazing? What if you want to display your pictures in a more beautiful and artistic way? What if you want to show the pictures to a friend who doesn’t have Facebook or other social media who lives far enough away that driving to visit them and bringing your phone might be impractical or impossible? Sure, you could use an instant messenger, but there is a much easier way. You can create an online photo book for all your friends to see.

Creating a photo book may seem like a daunting challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little practice, you will know exactly what to do. That is exactly why this article exists. We want to show you how to properly make an online photo book from the pictures that may be lurking on your phone right at this minute, a photo book that you can proudly show to all your friends. This is an easy process, and it is time to demystify it. Let’s get started.

Important Notes

What operating system is your phone? This is an important question, since some of the apps are different for each type of phone. For this reason, where it is applicable, directions will be divided up by operating system. This method will allow you to simply scroll to your phone’s directions without having to skim through all the phone types that you do not have. Before you can create an online photo book that will stand the test of time, however, you must first get the pictures from your phone.

Benefits of Using Backup and Sync

If you have an Android phone, it is rather easy to sync. Furthermore, regularly synchronizing your photos means that they will be stored safely on your Google Drive and that they will no longer take up space on the phone. There are also a few more benefits to using backup and sync.

The first benefit to using the Google’s backup service is that it works quietly in the background. Simply turn it on, and all the photos you take in the future will be uploaded.

Secondly, the photos you back up are stored privately unless you choose to share them. This means that you will not have to worry about someone stealing your phone or finding private pictures among the shared ones in your library. You can set the security level for each picture.

Finally, if you make a change to a photo on your phone, such as editing it, the changes will take affect across all your devices. This means that if you remove red eye on a photo, you will not have to do it for every copy of that photo.

Syncing Photos from Your Android

To sync your photos, it is first necessary to turn on the Backup and Sync options from your device.

First, check that you are signed in to your Google account. If you are not signed in, do so now.

Then, open the Google Photos app on your mobile device.

Once the Photos app is open, tap the menu icon at the top left.

After that, select settings/backup and Sync.

Finally, tap on the on/off button at the top of the screen to turn sync on or off.

Now your pictures will sync to your google photo library, allowing you to download them to your computer. Once they are downloaded, you can make them into a beautiful online photo book.

What’s Next?

Once the photos are downloaded, it is time to turn them into a proper photo book using the MILK Design Studio. From the upload page, choose My Device. This will allow you to see all the photos on your computer. Unlike a lot of photo book software, you do not have to wait until your pictures are uploaded to sort or work with them. You only need to wait until they have appeared on the upload screen. There will be text beneath them indicating that they are waiting. At this point, you can start the sort process.

When you have figured out which pictures you would like to use, and they have been uploaded, you can then create the layouts for your pages, add text, and create your photo book.

Syncing Photos using iPhone

If you instead have an iPhone instead of an Android, never fear. Creating a photo book from pictures stored on your iPhone is also easy. The first step in this process is choosing where you would like your photos to be stored, and there are a few ways to do this, each with their own benefits.

Using the Cloud

Using the iCloud Photo Library, it is easy to store and access your photos. The main benefit of this location choice is that you can access photos from all your devices including your Apple TV, PC or Mac, other iPhones, iPods, iPads etc. Also, if you have different photos on each device, the iCloud photo library can keep all of them in one place. Much like the Google Photo Library, changes made to one copy of a picture will be applied to all other copies of that same picture.

Before You Use the iCloud Library

The first step in preparing to use the iCloud Photo Library is to make sure that the software on your phone is up to date. If you are using a Mac, it is also necessary to make sure that its software is up to date.

After that, make sure to set up iCloud on all your devices. If you have a Windows computer, you will need to download iCloud for Windows. Make sure your devices are connected to WIFI.

Warning! Your iCloud Photo Library uses your iCloud storage. Before you turn it on, make sure that you have enough space in iCloud for your entire collection. To check the amount of storage, tap the settings icon on your phone. From there, tap your name and apple ID. This will open a settings screen with your information. Tap iCloud. From iCloud, tap the available storage amount. This will show you a breakdown of what apps are using your storage space. You can then clear some space or buy more storage if necessary.

Using the iCloud Photo Library

From your iPhone, tap on settings. Then tap on iCloud. From the iCloud screen, tap on Photos. That will give you the option to turn on iCloud Photo Library. Tap the button.

Warning: If you have already synced pictures from iTunes, your device will give you a message saying those photos have been removed. Do not worry. They are still on your computer. You simply need to turn on iCloud Photo Library to get them back onto the iOS device.

Importing Photos Without iCloud Library

If using iCloud Library is not for you, there are still other ways to get the photos to your computer to upload into the online photo book.

Importing Photos to a Mac

If you are using a Mac, first make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Then connect your device using a USB cable.

You might need to unlock your device. You might also see a prompt asking you to trust the computer. Tap trust on your phone to continue. The Photos app on your Mac should open automatically. If ti does not, manually open it.

The photos app should show a screen with all the photos on your connected device. If it does not, click the device name in the Photos sidebar or the import tab at the top of the page.

As we discussed in the last blog, you can then import a collection of photos or all new photos. When the import is complete, a message box will appear asking if you want to keep the photos on your device. If you do not want to keep them, click delete. If you do want to, click keep. After that, you can disconnect your device. You can then go to MILK Books Design Studio and upload the photos you imported as we have discussed before.

Importing to a PC

If you do not have a Mac, and instead have a PC, you can import to that as well. Follow these simple directions.

Before you Import

First, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your PC. Importing photos requires iTunes 12.5.1 or later. Connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. You may need to unlock your iPhone. You may see a prompt asking you to trust the computer. Tap trust, or allow to continue.

Importing to Windows 8

Open the Photos app. Swipe in from the bottom edge to see the app commands. If you are using a mouse as opposed to a touch screen, right-click within the app. Select import. From there, select the device you want to import from. The app automatically selects all the pictures it has not imported before. Swipe down or click to select the pictures you want. Select import. When the pictures are finished importing, you may disconnect your phone. Then go to MILK Books and upload your photos to the Design Studio.

Windows 7

Importing pictures to a PC running windows 7 is easy.
First, connect the phone to the computer using the USB port. In the auto-play box that appears, click import photos and videos using Windows. To tag your pictures, type a tag name in the tag these pictures box. By default, the folder on your PC that the computers are imported to will be tagged with the date the photos were imported as well as this tag name.
Once you have done this, simply click import. A new window opens, showing your imported photos. Close this window, go to the MILK Design Studio and upload your photos.

Creating a photo book from the pictures on your phone may seem like a daunting process. However, it does not have to be. All you need to know is how to import and upload those precious memories, and how to make sure that the photos are safely and privately stored.
It is our deepest hope that you have found this blog post useful, and that it has helped you figure out how to get your photos from your phone to your computer to your MILK Books account, right where they need to be for you to create the next great online photo book.